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5 Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal Before Summer

Chances are you’re ready to say goodbye to snow and arctic temperatures and look forward to time on the beach, lounging by the pool, and enjoying time with friends and family in the sun.

Enjoying summer also means plenty of shaving and waxing to ensure you’re ready with beautiful, hair-free skin. 

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy summer without all the hair-removing effort? You can do that with laser hair removal that permanently eliminates hair.

But here’s an important tip: If you want to be prepared for summer, start laser hair removal today. Don’t wait until summer because laser treatments can take several months to complete.

At Allure Dermatology Franklin Square, Theresa Durchhalter, DO, FAAD, specializes in safe, gentle laser hair removal. Here, she lists five reasons to consider scheduling treatment before summer begins.

Start now to prepare for summer

You need to start early to be free from shaving and waxing by the time summer arrives. Why? Because you can’t get all your hair removed with one treatment. Instead, you need 4-8 sessions spaced a few weeks apart to eliminate unwanted hair.

The laser is only absorbed by the pigments (color) in your hair, allowing the treatment to target hair without harming your skin. Light energy reaches the hair and travels along the hair shaft and into the follicle. The heat destroys the follicle and stops it from growing hair.

Though the process is straightforward, there’s a slight catch: Hair growth goes through cycles. Every hair on your body grows for years; then, the follicle goes dormant for a short time before growing hair again.

When the follicle goes dormant, the existing hair falls out. Your laser treatment can’t reach the follicle if the hair is gone. That means you need additional treatments to catch the follicle when it starts the next growth cycle.

About 10%-15% of all follicles are dormant on any given day. Additionally, each follicle follows its own timing. As a result, you need multiple treatments to reach all the follicles at the right time.

Have a summer-ready body

Whether at the beach or barbecuing in your backyard, summertime means shorts, tank tops, sun dresses, and swimsuits — clothing that demands a hair-free body, including body areas you may have ignored during the winter months.

Laser hair removal is the perfect solution because it’s safe for your entire body. We can target hair on your arms, underarms, legs, chest, back, shoulders, bikini line, and face.

Forget about time to shave or wax

You don’t want to take time to shave when friends stop by on the spur of the moment, and they’re ready to jump into the pool. Because more of your skin is exposed, you can also spend extensive time shaving or waxing during summer.

Laser hair removal permanently eliminates hair, so you’re always prepared to show off smooth, hair-free skin.

Eliminate skin irritation

Have you ever shaved or waxed right before swimming? Many people quickly learn that salt water in the ocean and chlorine in a pool irritate freshly shaved skin. For sensitive skin, this can cause burning and pain beyond temporary irritation.

Shaving right before hitting the beach (or pool) can also make your skin more vulnerable to irritation from sand, sunlight, and products applied to your skin, like sunscreen. You can stop worrying about skin problems after laser hair removal.

Don’t limit time in the sun

We can’t perform a laser treatment on sunburned or recently tanned skin. It’s also essential to avoid sunlight after each session. 

You must continuously protect your skin from burning or tanning until you finish all laser hair removal treatments. For this reason, it’s safer and easier to get the treatment before summer begins.

Call Allure Dermatology Franklin Square if you have questions about laser hair removal or want to schedule an appointment. You can also click the book online tab to request a consultation.

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