Yes, You Can Remove Hair There

Yes, You Can Remove Hair There

Today’s advanced lasers safely remove hair nearly anywhere on your body, including super sensitive areas like your face and underarms. But let’s talk about the most challenging (and embarrassing) area: your bikini line.

Your swimsuit can’t hide stray hairs that peek out from the edges. So, you wax, enduring the pain in return for a few weeks of worry-free fun at the beach. Or you shave, risking irritated skin, razor burns, and ugly bumps (inflamed, ingrown hairs that take weeks to disappear).

Are you ready to stop the constant bother of eliminating unwanted hair? Then it’s time to talk with Theresa Durchhalter, DO, FAAD, at Allure Dermatology, about laser hair removal. Here, she gives you the information you need to know about removing body hair.

Gentle lasers permanently remove hair

Yes, you can get permanent results with laser hair removal. Lasers work by targeting the hair root at the bottom of each hair follicle. As the hair absorbs the laser, it heats and kills the root, preventing it from growing hair. 

Plan for several sessions

Every hair on your body goes through cycles. They grow for a time (the length of time depends on the body area), before entering a dormant phase. After resting a short time, new hair cells form at the base of the follicle, creating another hair that begins the next growth cycle.

Lasers only work during the growth phase because the existing hair falls out when the follicle goes dormant. Without hair, there’s nothing to absorb the laser energy.

On any given day, about 10% of all your hair follicles are resting. Because they all return to the growth phase at different times, you need several treatments about 4-8 weeks apart to destroy all the hairs.

We let you know the number of sessions you will need during your first consultation. The good news is that you can look forward to your last session. You’ll finally feel free to toss on your swimsuit any time without worrying about unsightly hair.

Pain-free hair removal

Though each laser pulse can cause a twinge of pain, we use a topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort. And even if you feel the slightest prick, laser hair removal is infinitely less painful than waxing and takes much less time.

You should expect some redness (like a sunburn) for a short time. But once that heals, laser hair removal leaves you with a smooth, flawless appearance. 

Types of bikini hair removal

We customize your treatment to precisely remove as much or as little hair as you want. You may decide to trim the bikini line, go full Brazilian (removing all your pubic hair), or choose something between the two.

Don’t stop at the bikini area

If you’d love to be finished with shaving and waxing in any other body area, consider taking care of it while you’re here for your bikini area. Laser hair removal doesn’t take long. A small area takes a few minutes, and we can take care of your legs or other large areas in 30-60 minutes.

Call Allure Dermatology today or connect online to request an appointment and learn more about the cost and timeline for your personal laser hair removal sessions.

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